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Keynote Speakers

The Queensland Coastal Conference Steering Committee are pleased to present a number of keynote speakers at the Queensland Coastal Conference 2019.

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Dr Kate Brooks - KAL Analysis Pty Ltd

Social Scientist; NSW Coastal Council, Member; NSW Marine Expert Knowledge Panel, Member; & Fisheries Research and Development Corporation, Director.

With twenty years’ experience in NRM and social research across the State and Federal domains, Kate is focussed on maximising natural resource management outcomes through employing social research. Her particular area of interest - social capital and social license to operate - identifies a basis for understanding community interactions, decision making structures, needs and development options, in changing environments.

Working in and with federal, state and international NRM policy domains, managing and supplying social research projects and advice to underpin policy development, has provided Kate with a unique understanding of the issues associated with community responses to policy intents and implementation.

In this is presentation, Kate explores the benefits of applying a mix of values as well as a focus on physical risks, to protect our coastal environments into the future. With reference to the experiences of NSW, she discusses processes of identifying and synthesising the values that makes the coast ‘valuable’ to people as well as the economy, and the alignment of these with scientifically known risks, to create programs of long term sustainable outcomes.

Greg Vann - Ethos Urban

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Director — BRTP(Hons) BEcon LFPIA CPP

Based in Brisbane, Greg is qualified in planning and economics and has been at the forefront of planning in Queensland and Australia for nearly 40 years, nowadays as a consultant and previously in local and State government. He is one of Australia’s best known and respected planners, and a life fellow of the Planning Institute of Australia.

His experience includes being project director for wide ranging strategic planning projects; drafting planning schemes; providing planning advice to the private sector, local and state governments; development assessment and planning appeals; reviewing planning and development assessment processes; transport planning, economic development and lecturing.

He has held many leadership positions, including Queensland President and national councillor of PIA, his current role as project director in the review of the SEQ Regional Plan and previously as chair the State’s Transit Oriented Development Taskforce.

As project director for ShapingSEQ, the 2017 Regional Plan for South East Queensland, Greg thought a lot about the future of the region. That started with the megatrends shaping our societies – forces like increasing urbanisation, climate change, diminishing resources, globalisation, new technologies, changing demographics and preferences, the growing spatial divide, pressure on diversity -  and helped shape a 50 year aspirational vision in ShapingSEQ, signed off by State and Local Government, for the region to become a world leading model of subtropical living.

But as Lewis Mumford famously said, trend is not destiny. Where might the megatrends take us in 50 years, and is that where we want to be then? Greg will explore two different paths for our future. One where the megatrends might lead us, another in the context of these megatrends and the ShapingSEQ vision, to help set the scene for attendees and presenters at this year’s conference.


Abstracts have now closed and speakers will be notified shortly.

Selection Criteria and Notification

Abstracts will be reviewed by the Conference Committee, who will be looking for the following:

  • Relevance to the conference theme

  • Originality (we are looking for new, fresh content)

  • Relevance to current issues

  • Relevance to the audience, noting that the Queensland Coastal Conference is open to a broad range of disciplines and professionals across the coastal field

  • Engaging content

Successful presenters will be notified by email and provided with the registration details for the conference. Details of the key dates can be found here.

Conference Themes

This year, the conference is focussing on the future, under the overarching conference theme “Future Coasts - Queensland’s Coasts in 50 years”.

Presenters should consider the following sub-themes when preparing abstract submissions:

  • Planning in a changing era

  • Designing for a future in crisis

  • Changing perspectives

  • Reconstruction and restoration of coastal and marine habitat

  • Celebrate community, culture and history